My name Andrew Gomes, and I am a 3D artist with a vast array of expertise and experience in Visual Effects and Animation for movies, television, and commercials. I specialize primarily in 3D modeling. I have designed and created quality structures, anything from organic creatures and complex hard surface mechanisms in an effective and timely manner.
I have worked for Legend3D where my position was a VFX Artist. The role consisted of such activities as transforming 2D film to 3D form, compositing smoke and dust effects using the software Nuke, while simultaneously tracking motion and masking with the program Mocha Pro. Some of my work has been displayed on such projects as Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Furthermore, I also have work experience as a Match Move Artist for the company Zink Some of my responsibilities include: track footage with such software as Syntheyes to replicate the camera’s movement, compositing and rotoscoping to blend live action and CGI footage using Adobe After Effects, and to animate the character’s movements and expression using the audio dialogue in Autodesk Maya. Under a tight deadline, I am proud that my team and I have completed the series on NBC Sprout’s Terrific Trucks.
I have also received formal training and education at Humber College. From Humber college, I have received a Diploma in 3D Multimedia Animation. During my time there I have learned a variety of skills such as lighting scenes, animating and rendering in Autodesk Maya/3Ds Max, video and photo editing in Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. In doing so Humber has provided me a solid foundation of understanding knowledge, and skills in the field of 3d Design which as afforded me to be successful to become a well-versed and skilled in the field.

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